It’s A Kinda Magic – Mzansi Ballet’s The Queen Show

Mzansi Ballet’s The Queen Show

Theatre On The Bay from 25 October to 11 November, 2023

Honouring a rock band that has stood the test of time, having inspired many generations to live their highest truth, “The Queen Show” is a family-friendly production that will thrill you with a kind of magic.

Boasting a diverse cast that has performed on some of the world’s best stages – from Brazil all the way to the United Kingdom – The Queen Show is fittingly deemed a “world-class” production. After capturing the hearts of Brazilian audiences in the ballet-meets-pantsula production, “Bengingazi”, choreographer Michael Revie delivers inspiring movement with his equally accomplished wife, Angela Revie, at his right hand.

Whether you’re looking for a show to love, a rhapsody of nostalgia, or even a kind of magic – “The Queen Show” will certainly rock you.