It’s all the songs of your childhood brought together into one magical evening of joyous nostalgia. Songs from Mary Poppins, The Jungle Book, Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, Winnie The Pooh and many more.

“One joyous hit after another!” The Times London

Directed and Choreographed by Shelley Lothian

30 July – 22 August Theatre on The Bay

Over the past two years sensational pianist Rocco de Villiers (kortbroek, langkouse) and much-loved conductor Richard Cock have sparked off each other at several concerts, and it seemed inevitable that this would become something more. They have put together a musical extravaganza, which will deliver an astral explosion of music, fun and anecdotes about life, the arts and South Africa. With song and captivating piano playing they take you on a journey you will not forget in a hurry… from Tchaikovsky to Chopin, from Zambezi to Sarie Marais with singing, whistling, and piano duets and of course featuring music by Rocco de Villiers himself, this journey is cheerful, poignant and entertaining. It will be a “happening”, so don’t miss it!

No under 13’s

A gripping, powerful play that deals with complex family relationships and the consequences of unresolved trauma. BORDERLINE, written by South Africa`s most prolific and award-winning playwright, is shot through with dark humour and surprising twists and turns! 
Businessman Raymond Kruger (Coleman) and his wife of less than two years, Wellness and Beauty shop owner Faith Dlamini (Job), are in the process of emigrating to Canada. As the only child of a single parent, Faith has foreseen the emotional impact this move will inevitably have on both her and her doting mother, and prepares for it by tackling the issue of loss and separation ahead.
Raymon’s situation is entirely different. His mother is deceased, his sister lives in the UK and he and his abusive father (Slabolepszy), a 1970’s SA Border War veteran living in the Western Cape, have not spoken to each other in over twenty years.
On the eve of their departure, faith convinces her husband to reach out and make peace with the old man who, unable to deal with his own demons back in the day, made the lives of all those in his orbit a perpetual torment.
An exciting new South African play, not to be missed.
Directed by BOBBY HEANEY



All Ages


Pieter Toerien presents

Graham Hopkins

Sharon Spiegel-Wagner

Ashley Dowds

and introducing Garion Dowds



Directed By Alan Swerdlow

According to her autobiography, Witness for the Prosecution was one of Agatha Christie’s favourites of all her works, stating: ‘One night at the theatre stands out in my memory especially; the first night of Witness for the Prosecution. I can safely say that that was the only first night I have enjoyed… It was one of my plays that I like best myself.’

Suddenly the Storm


Suddenly the Storm, Paul Slabolepszy’s highly acclaimed award-winning play is set in the far East Rand, the home of an ageing ex-cop and his much younger wife.  A Storm approaches…  Namhla Gumede, born on 16 June 1976 arrives, seeking answers to questions that have remained buried for 40 long years.  What begins as a smouldering dark comedy turns suddenly into a roller-coaster ride of startling revelations, of rage and recrimination, before the storm finally breaks.

This is theatre that throws up a whirlwind of mixed emotions – greed, love, loss and healing – touching on distinctly South African topics that make this country so rich and rewarding for those who can brave its storms.

The production is directed by Bobby Heaney.  The experience and proven track record of both Slabolepszy and Heaney coming together once again creates the perfect storm of talent – powerful acting, inspired writing and incisive direction – promising to make this new production a truly memorable event.

17-27 June Theatre on The Bay Cape Town

Suddenly The Storm contains strong language and is recommended for 14+ age group

“This play will blow your mind and keep you transfixed….” -Diane de Beer-The Star Tonight

“Explosive, unexpected, satisfying and provocative..this is a play that offers real theatre, but also opens a door-to those who did not live it-to the realities and pain of 1976…Paul Slabolespszy delivers a towering performance…” Jenny de Klerk-Saturday Star

“Powerful and thought-provoking…this play will stay with you for a very long time…Slabolepszy is sharp. Stuurman deep and mysterious, while Weir-Smith delivers a full person with all her quirks and eccentricities…” Paul Boekkooi-Beeld

“Impeccable, compelling..this production crackles with energy under Bobby Heaney’s guiding hand…the perfect storm…” Peter feldman-Theatre Buzz

“Powerful and moving…a work of genius….” Redi Hlabi-Talk Radio 702

“This is serious drama..soaked through with the damaging legacy of apartheid…the play delivers a twist that both pleases and surprises…director Bobby Heaney keeps everything fast and tight..” Lesley Stones-The Daily Maverick

“Suddenly the Storm is an important and beautifully written work..Shakespearean splendour in this tale of exile and identity…” Robyn Sassen Blog

Running time: 110 minutes No Interval

HERE’S TO YOU – The Simon & Garfunkel Songbook

RETURN SEASON BY HUGE DEMAND: 31 Jan 2020 – 8 March 2020 JHB/ 2 – 25 April CT

Presented By VR Theatrical by arrangement with SAMRO

Fall in love with Simon and Garfunkel all over again in this dynamic and uplifting musical journey through more than 20 classic hits including – BRIDGE OVER TROUBLED WATER, CECILIA, THE SOUNDS OF SILENCE, SCARBOROUGH FAIR and MRS ROBINSON

HERE’S TO YOU Is performed by a stellar all South African cast of 8 talented singers who all play musical instruments. Under the Musical Directorship of Wessel Odendaal, the cast is lead by Josh Ansley (#thevoiceSA2017 Runner-up) on guitar with Ashleigh Butcher on Banjo/Guitar/Ukelele, Daniel Geddes on Keyboards, Hanna So on Piano/Violin/Cello, Justin Swartz on Guitar/Vocal Percussion, Phindile Dube on Percussion and Sanli Jooste on Cello.

The show features thrillingly fresh, yet faithful re-interpretations of Simon & Garfunkel`s evergreen songs, blending nostalgia and imagination, so that generations, young and old can discover the magic of their music as if for the very first time.