No wonder one of the tag lines is ‘Leaping Lizards’!

Wonderful airborne ANNIE moments we want to share with you!

ANNIE – The World’s Favourite Family Musical
Full of flying taxi drivers, soaring sailors, dancing girls, skipping staff and capering kids.

The show’s baddies: Delray Halgryn as Lily, Charon Williams Ros as Miss Hannigan
and Stephen Jubber as Rooster.

Miss Agatha Hannigan is the orphanage matron.
Disillusioned, she hates children but is fond of alcoholic beverages.

Daniel “Rooster” Hannigan is Miss Hannigan’s younger brother
A convict who escaped jail so he can rob his sister and plot to Kidnap Annie.

Lily St. Regis is Rooster’s girlfriend, a gold digger.
She and Rooster pose as Annie’s “parents” so that they can fool Warbucks and
get their hands on the $50,000 reward.