In the recognition of excellence

It’s in the recognition of work well done from one’s peers and the industry one works in that make an awards program so appealing. These days there’s an awards ceremony in almost every field of business and commerce. The entertainment industry has always been foremost in the recognition of excellence and awards like an OSCAR, GOLDEN GLOBE or OLIVIER can be the make or break of an actor or a production. ‘Sought after’ would be an understatement. Things work a little differently in South Africa and Awards are generally given in retrospect as most shows in this country do not run longer than a couple of months, so has little effect on a production, as it’s probably already been closed for months. The biggest benefit then is personal, for the Theatre Practitioner themselves having been recognised for a job well done in whatever field they practice.

Gauteng’s premier Theatre Awards, The Naledi’s, announced the nominations for this year’s awards at a reveal at the Market Theatre last night.

Pieter Toerien Productions was once again well represented with a staggering total of 48 Nominations for productions presented by ourselves or for productions presented in our Theatres by other producers, and we wish to congratulate all the nominees in all their respective categories, undoubtedly establishing Pieter Toerien as the foremost producer and work provider for the Theatre industry in South Africa.

The Naledi Awards Ceremony has no date set as yet as it still seeks a major sponsor for the event to go on!

Get ALL the nominations here

Darryl Evans
28 March 2017