Fatties and Friends!

We’ve probably all been in that predicament where we are driven to change for the sake of someone else. To make ourselves “more attractive”, “more desirable” for someone else’s benefit, whether it be by social pressure, peer pressure or the pressure cooker!

This is exactly the predicament the overweight Vicky (played by Michelle Botha) finds herself in, in the hilarious MY FAT FRIEND now on stage at the Monte Theatre and from 9 November at Theatre on the Bay.

It stars everyone’s most favourite funnyman, Tobie Cronje, in a role that seems to almost have been written for him, which of course it wasn’t, although anyone who knows Mr Cronje could testify that he is nothing like the vicious “queen” that Henry is! He just does it SO well!

Jeremy Richard and Charlie Bouguenon complete the casting of this delightful laugh-a-minute comedy.

The press too have had their say:

Lesley Stones-Artslink

Jennifer de Klerk-Saturday Star

Robyn Sassen

There are just 2 weeks left to catch this show in Johannesburg, and bookings are open for the Cape Town Season, so do make sure that you Book Now!

My Fat Friend was written by British comedy playwright Charles Laurence, is directed by Andre Odendaal and presented by Pieter Toerien and Kosie Smit

Darryl Evans

19 Sept 2016