Based on James Dearden’s film by Paramount Studios.

Directed by PAULA  BANGELS

Theatre on the Bay from 16 March to 7 April

Pieter Toerien’s Montecasino Theatre from 11 April to 6 May

From director Paula Bangels:

“James Dearden’s 1987 film by Paramount Studios captured the world. James has now written the play that might have inspired the film, where blame and sympathy with each character is equally and tantalisingly balanced.

“….of all the gin joints in all the bars in all the world…”

When Dan (a man with friends, a brilliant career, a loving family, a stunning wife) gets into unexpected conversation with an attractive intelligent woman, Alex, while his wife Beth is out of town, an unsought for liaison occurs that unsettles him. But he will soon forget; it will pass – or so he thinks…

Alex is a woman who believes in her rights. And she believes their brief actions and words have justified rights – over him.

Actions have consequences and Dan’s continuous rejection of her in preference to defending his family, turn Alex’s feelings slowly from open fondness to pure hatred as this blood curdling roller coaster of a tragedy and her revenge of rejection turns Dan’s life mercilessly into a living hell.

We are reminded that people’s actions and circumstance are less influenced by who they are – than by what happens to them.”

Fatal Attraction stars Ashley Dowds (Scandal, Generations, Binnelanders, Old Boys, Mousetrap, Japes and Blue/Orange), Jenny Stead (The Rocky Horror Show, Champ, Noises Off), Jo da Silva (Sewende Laan), Jazzara Jaslyn (Warner Brothers’ A Cinderella Story: If The Shoe Fits) and Alex Tops (Showboat, The Rocky Horror Show, The Great Gatsby).

Direction by Paula Bangels.

Duration is 1 hour 45 minutes, without an interval.

Tickets from R100 – R200 (venue dependent)

PG 16

Dean Roberts gives us some insight into this brilliant thriller.

Fatal Attraction-A Pshychosexual Tango