Conrad Koch lets his inner puppet out.


Puppet Guy is Conrad’s most fun show to date. It’s a roller coaster ride of outrageous puppet characters and off-the-wall comedy ventriloquism. Based on a real-life event where Chester Missing, his famous puppet political analyst, went missing on a flight from France, Conrad builds the rest of his characters from found objects. Two feather dusters and a slipper become an dancing ostrich; sunglasses and a hoodie become a DJ who actually DJs. It’s comedy mayhem as Chester Missing and Conrad themselves battle: Chester demands equal rights for puppets and to not be put in suitcases. Conrad just wants to get through the show in one piece. Yes, we know he’s arguing with himself. It’s like Parliament.


The show is highly interactive. Conrad uses a cell phone and a projector to turn people in the crowd into digital puppets, hilariously teaching everyone how ventriloquism works, and, using high tech ventriloquism masks, he finds a member of the audience actually thinks they’re a lion, voices and hunting skills included. World-class comedy combined with a silly satirical bent make this South African favorite a completely unique take on the ventriloquial art form and a must-see.


Conrad Koch, South Africa’s top ventriloquist, is a double International EMMY Nominated comedian and award-winning performer. With Master’s degree in social anthropology (talking to puppets is the only job you can get with one of those) and 20 years comedy experience his most famous character, Chester Missing, is a household name in South Africa. Chester Missing is well known for interviewing politicians on TV: a puppet who interviews politicians, go figure. The two have performed globally, most notably at the Just For Laugh’s Comedy Festival in Montreal. Chester Missing is possibly the only puppet in history to win his own court case, true story. Ironically the puppet’s career is better than the ventriloquist’s.