By Charles Dickens

Adapted for the stage by Elizma Badenhorst

Direction by Elizma Badenhorst and Alyssa Harrison


Ebenezer Scrooge’s “Bah, Humbug!” has never been more apt!  After months of not being able to venture into the world, A CHRISTMAS CAROL offers families an opportunity to experience the magical world of Charles Dickens in a Covid-safe environment this Holiday Season.


Introducing several ghosts and characters from his past, present and future, the play takes us on an emotional journey from the old Scrooge`s tight-fisted, miserly ways, to the new Scrooge, spreading goodwill and cheer through his generous spirit.  Perfect for the entire family, this outing is bound to become a family tradition!


The production will be on the boards at the Pieter Toerien Studio Theatre at Montecasino from 3 December – 3 January, playing to 50% capacity audiences.


This classic holiday favourite will come to life as you have never seen it before, wearing a brand new jacket featuring animation and music.  This production is a sumptuous banquet for the eyes, ears and imagination;  a sensory delight for any tired soul.


All tickets R150.00

Running Time:  60 mins

Cast:  Charlie Bouguenon and Amber-Dawn Burnhams

Music:  Wessel Odendaal

Animation:  Naret Loots

VR Theatrical presents


Studio Theatre

5 – 29 September


VR Theatrical presents


A 21st Century Dating Comedy By Ashleigh Harvey

25 July – 25 August

Studio Theatre


BENNY BUSHWHACKER – A Comedy of Conservation

Starring Ben Vos

Written By John Van De Ruit

Directed By Janice Honeyman


2 October – 20 October


Whacked presents

The Hilarious

Mark Banks ON ICE!

60 years of madness!!!

Theatre on the Bay – 23 Oct to 2 Nov


John Vlismas : The End

John Vlismas has poked fun at most of the dark horses in our collective mental stable. He has touched racism on its studio, wrapped his tongue around the human brain, and even goosed God as they passed each other in the passage. 2018 was a tough year for Vlismas, as he lost one of his favourite human beings on Earth – and ended a long term relationship. Loss is a theme most of us don’t see as one to write a new hour of comedy about – but John isn’t most of us.

“the end” is by far his most personal, raw, dark and deeply funny show. He will take you into the psychology of death, illustrate the lengths we will go to to pretend it won’t happen and finally take you to site of his beloved Dad’s last breath. You may think John Vlismas is a mad man, but he proves in this show that he is determined to go right into the darkness of the human condition and find humour deep inside – where nothing is supposed to be funny.

“I’ve always said that the best comedy is horror’s neighbour. Safe comedy is offensive to me – like alcohol free beer. The ultimate horror is our own death, mostly because we have grandiose ideas of self as a species. If there is a heaven – why are funerals possibly sad? Because deep down, we all know that it’s the end.”

Book to see “the end”, it will make you glad you’re alive.

Run Time – 80min


Studio Theatre

27 March – 14 April 2019

See South Africa’s most famous puppet, Chester Missing, and his sidekick, ventriloquist, Conrad Koch, in their internationally acclaimed show ‘Puppet Guy’. Including world-class ventriloquism, hilarious puppet characters and audience participation, this show sells out fast, so book early.

CBC Canada

“My face hurt from laughing so hard” “absolutely delightful and technically brilliant”

Winnipeg Free Press

“Puppet Guy roars”


“a cutting satire of modern society” “every minute of Puppet Guy was filled with laughter and delight” “Puppet Guy is a must see”

The Return by HUGE demand!

Charles Dickens’ – A CHRISTMAS CAROL

Adaptation and Direction by Elizma Badenhorst

Soundscape by Wessel Odendaal

Animation by Naret Loots

Studio Theatre – 5 December – 5 January


Antoine de Saint-Exupery’s

THE LITTLE PRINCE – a mini musical

Adaptation and Direction by Elizma Badenhorst

Score by Wessel Odendaal

Studio Theatre – 25 October to 25 November



An imaginative retelling of Sergei Prokofiev’s timeless classic

Adaptation and Direction by Elizma Badenhorst

Musical Direction by Wessel Odendaal

Studio Theatre – 20 September to 21 October

Whacked Special Project presents

DEEP FRIED MAN – In Good Taste 2.0

He’s back

He’s Better!

He’s banting-friendly!

5 Sept – 16 Sept

Studio Theatre, Montecasino

John Vlismas – BRAIN DUMP

John Vlismas is 45 years old. He’s been in comedy since Democracy was born. For decades, he drank everything he could get his hands on, and snorted anything granular, even ProNutro once. Then he stopped all that and decided that he would be better off reading quietly, building his tattoo collection and being a better father. In between these important things, he still watches the world through his unique lenses. Once described by another (overweight) comedian as “proof that satan &*cks rats”, Vlismas happily chews on the truth and spits it out as hilariously dark but happy anger, brutal honesty and vivid imagery.

His all new show, “Brain Dump” follows on the critical acclaim of “the Good Racist” – which filled the Teatro, the Lyric Theatre, The Fire & Ice Hotel – Cape Town and ran for six weeks at the Toerien Studio. In his signature mix of intellect, outrage and reflection – “Brain Dump” promises to make you laugh loudly about the most lethal process ever…life – while thinking deeply about your position as an over-confident and decomposing ape on a rock, flying around a nuclear reactor for no real reason. Vlismas has researched the human brain for this show – and tries to answer some of the most burning questions ever asked – for example – “if we’re all great apes, why isn’t sex with each other bestiality?”

“The show is about this dysfunctional processor between my ears – it’s a ridiculous piece of equipment that shouldn’t exist – but it does. We spend our whole lives trying to understand it, and then we die – that is not a result,” says a beaming Vlismas, “we may as well test the boundaries and see what this bastard can do before we’re all gumming our toast and smelling of moth balls and piss.”

See the show, you’ll feel better. There’s a happy ending.


Studio Theatre, Montecasino

Wed 27 June – Sunday 8 July

Five time Comics’ Choice Award Nominee, Alfred Adriaan brings his debut one man show Dating Life to the Studio Theatre at Montecasino.

Alfred Adriaan is an accomplished South African comedian with international comedy experience and has just recently returned from a club tour in New York city. He is also known as the lead actor in the the KykNet movie Hospitaal op Horrings.

Alfred has performed as the curtain raiser for local comedy legends such as John Vlismas, Marc Lottering and Joey  Rasdien. He was also part of a national sold out comedy tour named Aweh Mzansi. Alfred has performed on big stages such as David Kau’s “Blacks Only” comedy shows and Mass Hysteria.

Dating Life is Alfred Adriaan’s debut one man show in which he shares his journey from being a young man growing up in the small town of Hankey in the Eastern Cape and his journey to the big city of JHB as well as his experiences touring around the world.  Most importantly in this show he shares his hilarious and relatable male struggle with the fairer sex and his pursuit in finding LOVE or THE ONE.

In this show Alfred is honest and relentlessly funny.  Dating Life is warm, honest, sometimes edgy and full of heart. Alfred is high energy and endearing and will leave you laughing from the belly, sharing his stories in the car on the way home.

Performances: Wed – Fri @ 8pm, Sat @ 4pm & 8pm, Sun @ 3pm

“PORRALICIOUS 4” – She’s back…hairier than ever…

The much loved comedies about a dysfunctional Portuguese family, with more dirty secrets between them than the mafia, returns to the stage. This one woman, 6 character show played by the award winning Sonia Esgueira, and directed by Heinrich Reisenhoffer ( MEET JOE BARBER) has been one of the longest running one man shows in SA, to critical acclaim.

“Porralicious 4″, is a hilarious new show featuring the Best Of the Porra shows and continues the rollercoaster ride of hilarity as the family finds themselves on new adventures that promises  rollicking fun for all.

“Porraicious 4” is a hilarious,heartwarming and insightful look at how minority cultures battle to preserve their identity in a changing world.

“Comical masterpiece of the year”. A Levin. “Hilarious!” C.Times  “A Tour de Forsh!” B. Brommet.  “Sublime”, P. Tromp. “A  Rollercoaster Ride of Hilarity!” Argus.

MARK BANKS – Stark Raving Mark

Studio Theatre, Montecasino

Wed 28 February to Sun 1 April


Comedy icon, Mark Banks returns in an all-new show with a difference. In a time when there are solo stand-up shows flooding the market, Mark has written this reflective piece of brilliance that shares true-life comedy moments for his life.


Starring out-of-towners, celebrities, business figures, politicians and other interesting South Africans – all recounted by a modern master of verbal mayhem – this show promises to make you wonder if you’re going to wet the chair.  


Let this accomplished raconteur take you a journey of involving Newsreaders, Penguin wranglers, famous novelists and Bulgarian illusionists in situations you would never believe could have all happened to one man.  Come and be mesmerised by the remarkable charismatic madness of Mark Banks.


Performances: Wed – Fri @ 8pm, Sat @ 4pm & 8pm, Sun @ 3pm

Tickets: R180 & R130

Bookings at Computicket & Theatre Box Office (011) 511 1818

A new show about forgetting, forgiving, remembering, faking, making-up and



An entertainment with Pieter-Dirk Uys and other darlings.

Sometimes politics repeats itself, not only taking history and turning it

into farce, but taking farce and turning into the fake news which is now

called entertainment.

Pieter-Dirk Uys is sorting out 40 years of distress, disguise and disgust:

from apartheid to tripartite, from amandla to Nkandla.

Wigs, glasses, wagging fingers, toyi-toyis, red berets, trump cards of

madness, icons and aikonas.

From Bezuidenhouts, Raubenheimers and Ramaphosas to Altzheimers.

At a time when a casual greeting or embrace can be seen as racist or

harassment, the advice is simple: when in doubt say darling.

If you can’t remember their names, just say darling.

If you get lost along the road to somewhere, simply ask for Darling.

He did it, and now Pieter-Dirk Uys also lives in Darling.

Join him and many darlings on an exciting walk to the edge of the next cliff

when the end of the world seems nigh.

It used to be called a sunset. Here’s a secret: the sun will also rise

tomorrow, darling.

Pieter Toerien’s Montecasino Theatre Studio / 3 – 22 April / Book at


Conrad Koch lets his inner puppet out.


Puppet Guy is Conrad’s most fun show to date. It’s a roller coaster ride of outrageous puppet characters and off-the-wall comedy ventriloquism. Based on a real-life event where Chester Missing, his famous puppet political analyst, went missing on a flight from France, Conrad builds the rest of his characters from found objects. Two feather dusters and a slipper become an dancing ostrich; sunglasses and a hoodie become a DJ who actually DJs. It’s comedy mayhem as Chester Missing and Conrad themselves battle: Chester demands equal rights for puppets and to not be put in suitcases. Conrad just wants to get through the show in one piece. Yes, we know he’s arguing with himself. It’s like Parliament.


The show is highly interactive. Conrad uses a cell phone and a projector to turn people in the crowd into digital puppets, hilariously teaching everyone how ventriloquism works, and, using high tech ventriloquism masks, he finds a member of the audience actually thinks they’re a lion, voices and hunting skills included. World-class comedy combined with a silly satirical bent make this South African favorite a completely unique take on the ventriloquial art form and a must-see.


Conrad Koch, South Africa’s top ventriloquist, is a double International EMMY Nominated comedian and award-winning performer. With Master’s degree in social anthropology (talking to puppets is the only job you can get with one of those) and 20 years comedy experience his most famous character, Chester Missing, is a household name in South Africa. Chester Missing is well known for interviewing politicians on TV: a puppet who interviews politicians, go figure. The two have performed globally, most notably at the Just For Laugh’s Comedy Festival in Montreal. Chester Missing is possibly the only puppet in history to win his own court case, true story. Ironically the puppet’s career is better than the ventriloquist’s.