VR Theatrical presents

Willy Russel’s


Starring Natasha Sutherland

Directed By Gina Shmukler


From 1 May

Shirley Valentine is an award-winning British one-woman play by Willy Russell.

Shirley is a bored, middle-aged housewife, trapped in a stale, loveless marriage.  Her children are all grown up and she frequently talks to the wall in her kitchen while preparing her husband’s regular evening meal of egg and chips.  Shirley feels stuck in a rut and finds solace in her daily glass of wine as she muses over the lack of excitement in her life.  When her best friend asks her to go to Greece with her for 2 weeks, Shirley jumps at the chance with a mix of exhilaration and jittery nerves.  Leaving a note for her husband that simply reads “Gone to Greece – Back in two weeks”, Shirley leaves for her holiday……


Running Time:  Approx. 2 hours. (inclusive of 20 min interval)

PG:  Adult themes

Chester Missing is SA’s most famous puppet, and Conrad Koch, his ventriloquist, is an internationally acclaimed comedian with a Master’s Degree in anthropology. They were the first winners of the Ahmed Kathrada Foundation’s anti-racism award. Chester even went to court fighting racism.
Chester Missing wants to tell you how to end racism, but before he can he needs to ask the guy who is making him talk some tough questions. In this hilarious show Chester gets Conrad to face his own privilege, and how apartheid shaped his own life. It’s personal, honest, informative, interactive and side-splittingly funny. A seriously funny show that’ll make you laugh and think.

30 May – 14 June