An Extraordinarily Ordinary Life – a musical memoir  Written, composed and performed by Jervis Pennington

“It’s a hellofa story! …..and powerful songwriting.” David Kramer at The CT Fringe

“Emotionally overwhelming …and Jervis should be in stand-up comedy!” Robyn Cohen: The Cape Times

“Raw, brutally honest, uplifting and hilarious. The most unusual piece of theatre I have ever seen.” Alexander Bar on-line review

In 1983, almost 35 years ago and long before Idols, Simon Cowell and boy-bands, SABC gave us our own National Televised Talent Show ‘Follow That Star’, and it made its winner, Jervis Pennington, an overnight teen idol and household name with his pop group The Soft Shoes and their No Elvis Astaire. As with many before him, in true rock ‘n roll tradition, this brush with celebrity at an early age ultimately led Jervis all the way down to Skid’s Row. This is that story: fiercely funny, at times raw, always self-deprecating. Jervis, alone on stage with his acoustic guitar, delivers a truly compelling performance: from famous to homeless to fearless!