Alan Committie is back in a brand new stand up show:

Apocolaughs Now!


It’s been the wildest year yet with the most unexepected and crazy pandemic turning our existance inside out and upside down.
Renowned funnyman, Alan Committie, however is determined that we keep laughing in the face of of it all.


So join him in his latest solo stand up show which re-opens the Theatre on the Bay Autumn in an all new hilarious show called Apocolaughs Now!


Global lockdown, Covid brainwaves, earthquakes in Plumstead, 5G chips on our shoulder, millenial mayhem, vaccine vexations and the only response we have had so far is to dance the Jerusalema (which is how drunk people pronounce Julius Malema after 2am in the morning)…..


But now Committie explores how we can stay sane and healthy in body, mind and soul with his usual madcap verbal wit and physical comedy shenanigans.


Our intrepid jester tries to understand wellness coaches, provides a do it yourself guide to guided meditation, unpacks how we thought the world would end versus how it’s actually happening and may or may not have found the missing R500 billion promised to the nation!


So book now for this limited run at the most scenic theatre in South Africa. Playing to only 50% capacity for limited shows per week under the new regualations and following all COVID health protocols this promises to be a superb evening of laughter and the best live entertainment you could have as the world comes crashing down around you.


He who laughs masked, laughs best!


Written and performed by Alan Committie

Directed by Christopher Weare